Canopies & Walkways

We are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of a huge variety of outdoor Canopies and Walkways.

Our canopies are manufactured in the UK and backed up by BS EN 1090 certification (traceability, compliance and verification throughout the manufacturing process from the procurement of raw materials through to the final inspection and testing) which ensures you have a safe structure built to last.  

We can provide a complete design and build service that will provide the solutions to your street furniture problems, requirements and needs.

Our Canopies and walkways are made to the highest possible standards and are ideal for a wide variety of purposes including school outdoor classrooms or play areas waiting areas, courtyard covers, entrance canopies and walkways. They come in a wide range of materials such as glass, tensile fabric, metals, timbers and plastics.

We recognise that in some instances you may require more than an ‘off the shelf’ solution - and as such we offer a range of bespoke services from consultation and design through to manufacture and installation. In fact, this around 50% of our business is made up of bespoke solutions. This ensures that we are versatile and flexible to suit your exact requirements. It also ensures that you receive the fastest possible turnaround: from specification through to delivery.

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Canopies and Walkways

If you are a construction professional looking to integrate a canopy or walkway into your client’s project, Bailey Streetscene is here to assist you, helping you achieve a successful specification.

Canopy shelters are a popular addition to educational and commercial buildings that are looking to maximise their outdoor space all year round. Applications include:

Entrance canopies
Classroom extensions
Bike shelters
Covered walkways
Shelters for social spaces and smoking areas
Buggy parking shelters

Here at Bailey Streetscene, we understand the challenges you face when designing and installing canopies and walkways for your outdoor project.

Why buy your canopies and walkways from Bailey Streetscene?

Bailey Streetscene isn’t just a traditional supplier where you simply order from us, and we ship the product to site.

We are here to make sure you get exactly the right canopy or walkway solution for your project requirements. That can mean an ‘off the shelf’ solution or a more bespoke product for your specification.

Our team at Bailey Streetscene are problem solvers and passionate about making sure you get exceptional service. We have a large range of canopies to choose from and can help you with your product selection to save you time meaning you can move your attention to other aspects of a project or even another project altogether.

High-quality canopies and shelters that will ensure your product is fit for purpose

As an architect or main contractor, ensuring a successful specification for canopy or walkway on your project is a challenging task.

Bailey Streetscene are pleased to offer a wide range of durable, aesthetically pleasing, high-performance canopies and walkways for your project:

  • Aesthetically versatile: our range of canopies includes completely free-standing units that do not attach to existing buildings or options that easily attach to the façade of a building.
  • Durable and high performance: not only do we use high-quality materials in the construction of our canopies and walkways, but all of our products also undergo rigorous testing and quality control. This means you can be assured your client will benefit from a product that will stand the test of time.

Our shelters are available in high-quality materials such as steel frames (available in galvanised and powder-coated finish for extra durability); timber frames where we use premium softwoods in a range of colours, textures, and grains; as well as durable plastics including multiwall polycarbonate or PVC plastisol coated sheets.

  • Easy to install: you can order our canopies and walkways in either surface-mounted or root-fixed options (depending on model, please check or ask our team for more information), meaning your installation team can install quickly and efficiently.
  • Standard or bespoke options available: work with our team here at Bailey Streetscene where we can help you customise our range of canopies and walkways for your project.

Contact our team with your canopy or walkway requirements

If you are working on a project with a canopy or walkway requirement, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at, or feel free to browse our product categories above or use the contact form below.