Stainless Steel Bollards

Our range of stainless steel bollards are available in Grade 304, or Grade 316 stainless steel for more aggressive environments such as industrial or coastal areas.

Stainless steel bollards have become more popular with architects and specifiers in recent years as the trend in street furniture changes to a more modern, contemporary look.

Why stainless steel?

Well, stainless steel allows architects and designers the freedom to choose one material for bollards, hand rails, canopies, and street furniture to produce a clean, co-ordinated look. Stainless steel bollards create an image of prestige and quality and are very low maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning with warm water and soap or a mild detergent (extra care is required in environments where the bollards may come in contact with salt water such as coastal areas). In heavy industrial areas, cities or high-volume traffic situations, bollards may be subject to more atmospheric deposits and therefore a more frequent maintenance program may have to be adopted.

Bailey Streetscene stainless steel bollards are available in a host of different sizes, designs and finishes. Bollard diameters range from 90mm to 245mm, and the root depth and heights above ground can be specified by the client, giving you choice and flexibility. Our most popular bollard finish is brushed satin that delivers the classic stainless steel appearance. For projects that require a more outstanding effect, a bright mirror finish will produce a stunning look of excellence and prestige.

The requirement for anti-ram and pedestrian-protection bollards has led us to design a range of internally-strengthened stainless steel bollards. The designs range from bollards filled with concrete to bollards with additional high tensile steel reinforcement.

Whilst many organisations are looking for off-the-shelf bollard solutions, we work closely with our clients to manufacture bespoke bollard solutions, too. Due to our high-volume turnover of stainless steel products we are able to offer extremely competitive rates and excellent lead times.

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Stainless Steel Bollards FAQs

Stainless steel bollards feature a sleek, modern look and are resistant to corrosion and environmental wear. Making them highly suitable for a range of urban environments and specifications.

Here at Bailey Streetscene, our stainless steel bollards are designed for durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance.
Yes, stainless steel bollards are versatile and suitable for a wide range of environments, including urban, coastal, and industrial areas.

Their corrosion resistance makes them ideal for harsh weather conditions or coastal environments.
Yes, here at Bailey Streetscene, we offer various customisation options, including different finishes (including brushed satin, bright polish, bead blasted, and mirror polished), dimensions, and additional features like reflective strips, additional grooves, bespoke tops, or lighting for enhanced visibility and functionality.

Talk to our team for more advice on creating a custom stainless steel bollard for your specification.
Installation methods can vary based on the bollard design and site requirements.

However, generally the bollard will be surface mounted or root fixed.

We provide detailed installation guidelines and can offer advice or assistance for specific installation needs.
Our stainless steel bollards are designed for minimal maintenance.

Regular cleaning to remove dirt and grime is usually enough to maintain their appearance and functionality. We also advise to check any mechanisms are working effectively.
Yes, stainless steel bollards are robust and can withstand the demands of high-traffic areas, making them ideal for busy urban spaces, commercial developments, and other public facilities.
Quality is our top priority here at Bailey Streetscene. We use high-grade stainless steel at our UK based manufacturing facilities and employ strict quality control processes throughout to ensure each bollard meets our high standards.
You can order directly through our website or contact our sales team for assistance. Either visit the individual product page and fill out the orer form there, or telephone our team on 01625 855 900 or email us at We are here to provide guidance on selection, customisation, and any other queries you may have.

Stainless steel bollards are a common site in urban landscapes across the UK, providing security for pedestrians as well as improved style and aesthetics.

Architects and main contractors are increasingly specifying them into built up environments, to cope with the rising trends for pedestrian zones within inner city areas.

Not only do they provide a high degree of protection for pedestrians, they serve to enhance an urban area by bringing style and contrast. The contrast refers to the metallic appearance which adds variety and depth in an urban environment which is predominantly brick, concrete, and glass.

Whether you are working on an urban landscape, university campus, commercial or retail outdoor space, or a car park for a multi-occupancy residential block, you will find the right stainless steel bollard here at Bailey Street Scene to add form and function to your specification.

Stainless steel bollards for your project

Businesses and local councils are adapting to rising urbanisation levels. Not only are people increasingly living in built up areas but businesses are relocating to follow suit.

According to the Trend Deck 2021: Urbanisation study, the urban population is projected to increase between 2018 and 2030. Also, a projected 28% of people worldwide will be concentrated in cities with at least 1 million inhabitants by 2030.

To cope with rising urban populations, there is an increasing need to improve safety within outdoor areas. A large part of this involves stainless steel bollards, which help to protect pedestrians around inner city roads as well as protecting commercial premises from vehicle ram-raids.

Benefits of stainless steel bollards

Stainless steel security bollards are firm favourites with architects and main contractors due to the following reasons:

Design flexibility - Stainless steel boasts a timeless appeal, making it a versatile choice for architectural styles in urban and even more rural areas.

Whether you are designing a new city centre urban regeneration project or a more traditional town centre square, stainless steel bollards from Bailey Street Scene fit seamlessly into your design narrative.

Their metallic surface can either stand out as a design highlight or subtly blend in, based on your vision. Our Double Recess Stainless Steel Bollard is available to specify in a brushed satin finish (bright polished also available), giving a subtle yet striking metallic appearance that would suit most outdoor environments.

It is available in a range of heights, diameters, finishes, as well as other customised options including reflective bands, fitting type and the option for a bespoke top. This gives you almost limitless design options for you to work with for your project design.

Unmatched durability - In the unpredictable urban environment, it is important for street furniture to withstand everything from changing weather to vehicular impacts.

Stainless steel is notoriously durable and resistant to corrosion. Unlike other materials that may rust, warp, or degrade over time, stainless steel bollards maintain their aesthetics and functionality year after year.

Our Protect Bollard is a popular choice among architects and main contractors. As standard, the outer sleeve of the Protect Bollard is manufactured in a grade 304 brushed finished stainless steel sleeve. This sits atop a ‘Protect Impact Core’ that is hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461:2009 as standard and cast in concrete at a total depth of only 250mm. Giving incredible strength and durability, giving main contractors confidence the bollard should last for many years to come.

Safe and secure - Bollards primarily serve as safety barriers, directing traffic and safeguarding nearby pedestrians.

Stainless steel bollards not only fulfil this function but do so with elegance. This gives architects confidence they can design them easily into a project’s vision, and main contractors will benefit from having a bollard that is fit for the purpose intended while adding value aesthetically for their client.

The Anti-ram Semi Dome Top Stainless Steel Bollard provides comprehensive safety levels for urban areas. Architects and main contractors can be reassured that when they specify this bollard into their project plans their client will benefit from a bollard that provides incredible strength, and contemporary aesthetics while lasting for many years to come.

It consists of our standard stainless steel bollard outer with a 101mm diameter galvanised mild steel inner reinforcement tube, securely fastened within to give additional anti-ram benefits. The main body is manufactured from grade 304 or grade 316 stainless steel for more aggressive environments such as industrial or coastal areas.

And similar to other bollards, it has a wide range of specification options with different heights, diameters, finishes, fixing options, as well as the option to make it removable.

Cost-effective - While initial costs might seem higher compared to other materials, stainless steel bollards are a good investment for the long term.

Their long lifespan and minimal maintenance needs mean reduced long-term expenses. This foresight aligns perfectly with an architect's need to provide durable, low-maintenance solutions to clients. It also benefits main contractors as they can feel confident the bollards will last for many years to come while maintaining their integrity and aesthetics.

A sustainable choice - In an era where sustainable architecture is central to an architect’s vision and main contractor’s ethics, stainless steel stands out as a material.

It is recyclable at the end of its useful lifecycle, and has a minimal carbon footprint aligning with green building principles, and the UK’s pledge to be Carbon Net Zero by 2050.

Why buy your stainless steel bollards from Bailey Streetscene?

Whatever type of project you are working on, here at Bailey Street Furniture we have the right stainless steel bollard for your project’s requirements.

Whether you are looking for a reinforced or telescopic bollard, in a variety of diameters and finishes (galvanised or standard RAL); different colours of reflective banding; we have the stainless steel bollard for you.

We work with architects and contractors on a daily basis with stainless steel bollards, as well as other street furniture products, guiding on product selection and technical advice.

Like all our products, our range of stainless steel bollards undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

Our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring you get the right specification, at the right price, delivered on time.

If you would like more information on our range of stainless steel bollards, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at or view the individual products above.