Stirling Station Gateway Development

Stirling Station Gateway Development

Customer: Luddon Construction Location: Stirling, Scotland

Project Name: Stirling Station Gateway Development
Location: Stirling
Client: Luddon Construction
Landscape Architect: WSP
Products Used: Bespoke Oval Planters with curved seating, Steel Planters with Integrated seating, Cone Planters

Transforming Stirling Station - Bailey Streetscene's bespoke solutions elevate accessibility and aesthetic appeal.

The near £5 million Stirling Station Gateway Development project was aimed at enhancing access for pedestrians, cyclists, and individuals with disabilities - with a keen emphasis on creating an inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Central to this vision were bespoke planter elements and integrated seating provided by Bailey Streetscene.

Bailey Streetscene collaborated closely with both the client, Luddon Construction, and the landscape architect, WSP, to realise the project's objectives. Recognising the significance of seamless integration within the broader landscape design, Bailey Streetscene tailored their offerings to complement the architectural vision while ensuring functionality and durability.

Bailey Streetscene's contributions to the project included several bespoke planter elements, each meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the space.

Alongside the brand-new cycle lane, Bailey Streetscene installed a long run of freestanding steel planter units with integrated seating. This innovative design delineated the pathway and offered pedestrians and cyclists convenient seating options. The planters also feature channels to the base so the units can be moved with a forklift and repositioned where required. 

The large oval planter with integrated curved seating served as a focal point within the landscape design as well as separating pedestrians from surrounding vehicle traffic. Combining functionality with elegance, this feature provided visitors with a comfortable resting spot while adding a splash of natural colour to the environment. 

To ensure convenience for installation this large planter was manufactured and supplied in 4 individual contained units each with forklift channels that were combined seamlessly on location to form the 6 x 2.4m oval planter.

Housing small trees, the two large cone planters offered a striking visual element while minimising disruption to the surface beneath. By incorporating greenery into the urban landscape, these planters enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the station gateway while promoting environmental sustainability.

All steel elements have been galvanised and powder coated in a bespoke RAL colour for the project delivering a consistent look throughout the project.

Complete with integrated seating, landscaping works, junction improvements and improved cycle storage, the Stirling Station Gateway project provides an attractive, welcoming space for everyone and one where walking, wheeling, and cycling are placed front and centre.

Stirling Station Gateway Development