Steel Bollards

Steel is the most popular material choice for bollards because it's a strong, durable and vandal resistant solution whilst being simple to manufacture and extremely cost effective.

Bailey Streetscene steel bollards range from lightweight, decorative bollards to larger-diameter, anti-ram bollards used to protect pedestrians and buildings from moving vehicles, whilst our Warrior access control range includes telescopic, removable, anti-ram and fold down steel bollards.

At Bailey Streetscene, our standard range is manufactured from 76mm up to 300mm round or square section mild steel tube and is available in a root fix or surface mount version. Our steel bollards are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard and can be powder coated in vast range of BS or RAL colours.

But if it’s bespoke you’re after…..we also manufacture bollards to our clients' exact specifications, too, allowing our customers the freedom to choose the precise height, diameter and design to suit their particular project requirements.

To comply with the latest DDA regulations, our bollards are available with diamond grade reflective tape, or for extra high-visibility situations, yellow or white hazard banding. Many of our steel bollards are stock items, ensuring excellent lead times for our clients and highly competitive prices.

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Steel bollards are an excellent choice for architects and main contractors working on a range of outdoor projects. They are designed and installed to provide a high degree of pedestrian protection as well as bringing aesthetically enhancements with simple and stylish designs.

Available in a wide choice of materials, styles and fitting types, our comprehensive range of bollards and barriers means you can select the right one for your project.

Specification benefits of steel bollards

By designing and installing our steel bollards into your project, you can be assured that your client will benefit from highly durable and robust barrier structures. They bring the following benefits:

Aesthetic integration - One of the most significant challenges for architects and main contractors is finding street furniture that can seamlessly integrate into the envisioned landscape.

This is where our range of steel bollards excel. With a range of styles, finishes, and design options, you can choose from a range of bollards to match your project requirements.

Our Steel Large Single Groove Bollard is a popular option among design professionals and contractors. It comes with a galvanised finish as standard, but you have the option to specify it in a range of powder coated RAL colours.

The hazard banding also increases the safety aspect of the bollard, providing extra visibility in low light conditions.

Almost limitless customisations - Many steel bollard suppliers offer generic designs that may not necessarily resonate with the particular vision an architect is trying to realise for a project.

Many of our steel bollards are available in a wide range of bespoke options, meaning you can easily design them in to your project’s requirements. Our Steel Bollard with Slant Top is a popular specification option for architects and main contractors working on urban environments such as car parks or commercial buildings.

As standard it comes in a galvanised finish, but you are able to specify in a wide range of powder coated RAL colours. You also have the option to integrate grooves into the structure design, bespoke top options, hazard banding, mounting options (either surface mounted or root fixed), anti-ram, and also the option to make removable.

Durability - Steel bollards must endure a range of weather conditions, heavy usage, and potential vandalism and vehicle attacks, particularly in urban environments.

Bailey Streetscene are pleased to offer a range of steel bollards that are durable and long-lasting. This gives architects confidence that their designs will stand the test of time, and gives main contractors assurance that buying our steel bollards is a good investment as they will last for many years and require minimal maintenance.

Our Steel Bollards come as standard in a galvanised finish, as well as giving you the option to spray in any RAL colour as a powder coated finish. These coatings provide extra resilience to the steel structure, providing protection against the elements.

Easy to install and low maintenance - Our range of steel bollards are easy to install, where you have the option to specify in either surface mounted or root fixed options. Contact our team to see which requirements would suit your project.

They also require minimal maintenance going forwards. This is particularly advantageous for main contractors as they can feel confident that they can install the bollards and will require minimal visits or remedial work.

Cost effective to suit your project’s budget - Here at Bailey Streetscene we appreciate street furniture is commonly considered towards the end of a project’s scope. By this time, clients are usually asking main contractors to value engineer products and save budget where they can.

You can be assured that when you purchase your steel bollards from us, you are specifying high quality products at cost-effective prices.

Increased sustainability - Sustainability is a core issue when it comes to our product offering, and our steel bollards are all recyclable at the end of the useful lifecycle. This brings green credentials to your project, as well as ensuring lower levels of embodied carbon during the project scope.

After sales support - Post-installation issues, whether they be related to product defects, damages, or wear and tear, can be a significant pain point for main contractors.

We don’t envisage you will have any issues with our range of steel bollards, but if you do, our team will deliver a prompt and efficient service to sort the issue quickly.

Why buy your steel bollards from Bailey Streetscene?

Whatever type of project you are working on, here at Bailey Street Furniture we have the right steel bollard for your project’s requirements.

Whether you are looking for a simple design or integrated hazard banding; domed top or sloped top options; anti-ram or standard bollard designs; we have the steel bollard for your project.

We work with architects and contractors on a daily basis with steel bollards, as well as other street furniture products, guiding on product selection and technical advice.

Like all our products, our range of steel bollards undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

Our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring you get the right specification, at the right price, delivered on time.

If you would like more information on our range of steel bollards, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at or view the individual products above.