Altrincham Town Centre

Altrincham Town Centre

Customer: Alined Construction Location: Trafford, Greater Manchester

Project Name: Altrincham Town Centre
Location: Trafford, Greater Manchester
Client: Alined construction
Architect: Planit-Ie
Products Used: Bespoke Cor-Ten Inspira Oval Planters, Bespoke Circular tree bench & curved benches, Cycle Stands, Bollards

Bailey Streetscene supplies Bespoke Cor-Ten Planters and Urban Furniture in Altrincham Town Centre transformation.

The project was initiated to rejuvenate the popular shopping street in the centre of Altrincham and create a more inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors.

A core aim of the project was to elevate the visual character of the space whilst reflecting the needs and preferences of the local community.

Bailey Streetscene worked with Planit-ie and Alined Construction to deliver a number of low-level oval weathering steel (also known as Cor-Ten) planter units to contain clusters of planting and foliage, bringing greenery to the urban landscape. Our popular Inspira modular planting system was modified to offer a cost-effective and concise design that would ensure minimal disruption to surrounding businesses during installation taking into account a number of onsite factors in the bespoke designs. 

Curved seating elements, skirting around the planter beds, provide social seating for shoppers. Each of the three benches features bespoke brass plates with laser-cut messages that invite passers-by to stop and read. These were included through liaison with a local artist Studio Jon Male who was tasked with providing a nod to the area’s industrial heritage. The Linotype & Machinery Company opened their factory in 1897 at Broadheath Industrial Park in Altrincham which was hailed as the ‘world's first industrial park’ and would go on to fuel a newspaper revolution right up to the 1960’s.

Finally, a number of cycle parking stands and bollards have been supplied to delineate and meet the needs of newly designed cycle routes that bring visitors to the centre.

The project's innovative approach to design, sustainability, and community engagement led to increased footfall, enhanced safety, and a thriving, visually appealing shopping street.