Woodford Garden Village

Woodford Garden Village

Customer: Harrow Estates Location: Cheshire

Project Name: Harrow Estates Woodford Garden Village
Location: Lancastrian Way, Woodford, Stockport 
Client: Harrow Estates
Landscape Architect: Fabrik Landscape Architects
Products Used: Arrowhead, Gravis Seating, Ellis Bench, Urbanis Quadrant Litter Bin

Bailey Streetscene provides durable, stylish concrete and timber elements to a huge ongoing residential project on former Aerospace grounds in Cheshire. 

Harrow Estates' Woodford Garden Village is a landmark residential development in Cheshire and will eventually provide 5,000 homes. Formerly known as Woodford Aerodrome, this historic site dates back to the 1920s and is renowned for its significant contributions to aircraft manufacturing, including the iconic Lancaster Bomber, Vulcan Bomber, and Nimrod reconnaissance plane.

To honour this rich history, the site includes the Arvo Heritage Museum, maintaining the historical legacy and serving as a reminder of the area's aviation heritage. 

The vision for Woodford Garden Village is to create a contemporary garden village that echoes the principles of the original garden city movement. Harrow Estates aimed to integrate modern living with extensive public open spaces, lush landscaping, and essential social infrastructure. The development includes education, employment, retail, and leisure facilities, all contributing to a vibrant new community.

Bailey Streetscene was engaged to supply durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete and timber elements to enhance the public spaces within the development.

These products were strategically placed along a preserved section of the former aerodrome runway, which has been transformed into a scenic parkland. This parkland serves as a central feature, connecting various play areas and streets within the development.

The following products were utilised:

The new parkland not only maintains the historical essence of the site but also provides a communal space for residents to gather, relax, and enjoy recreational activities. The thoughtful integration of seating and waste management solutions supports a clean and welcoming environment, encouraging outdoor engagement and fostering a sense of community.

Located on Bailey Streetscene's doorstep, the Woodford Garden Village project holds special significance for the team. It is an honour to contribute to such a landmark development that not only provides modern living spaces but also preserves the local history. This proximity allowed Bailey Streetscene to closely oversee the project, ensuring the highest quality in every element supplied.
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Woodford Garden Village