Fold Down Bollards

Fold down bollards can add an extra level of security to buildings. An excellent solution for reserving parking spaces or controlling access.

We supply a range of fold down bollards and posts. We also manufacture bollards to our clients' specifications too, allowing them the freedom to choose the precise height, diameter and design to suit their particular project requirements.

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Fold down bollards are a popular specification for urban projects as they provide all of the functional benefits of fixed bollards, with the ability to fold down to alleviate traffic flow or allow temporary access where needed.

Architects and main contractors favour fold down bollards when their client brief has a requirement for pedestrian safety and vehicle security, but need a versatile option where the bollard can be lowered.

This may be for traffic measures within a city centre location, a commercial or retail development helping to secure their car park space, or a residential development providing security for car park space owners.

Whether you are working on an urban landscape, university campus, commercial or retail outdoor space, or a car park for a multi-occupancy residential block, you will find the right fold down bollard here at Bailey Streetscene to add form and function to your specification.

Benefits of fold down bollards

Visual appeal - One of the key benefits of fold-down bollards is their ability to integrate seamlessly into various urban environments. When they are raised, their design helps to enhance their surroundings while providing the visual impact and deterrent that is required from a bollard.

Our range of fold down bollards come as standard in a galvanised finish, but you have the option to specify in a powder coated finish and in a huge range of RAL colours. This means no matter what your client brief entails, we have a suitable fold down bollard for you to choose.

We have modern and contemporary designs in the Fold Down Parking Post and Lockable Fold Down Post, and a more traditional option in the Heavyweight Key Operated Post.

You can specify the Fold Down Parking Post in a huge range of RAL colours. Popular colours include Jet Black, Graphite Grey, Ultramarine, or White.

For more information on the range of colours, or for powder coated options, refer to our materiality page. Here you can find technical information to assist with your specification.

Increased safety - Safety and security are fundamental in urban designs and development. The increased footfall within town and city centres across the UK require a more robust and thorough approach to road safety, safeguarding pedestrians.

However, it is still important for vehicle access for deliveries and public transport vehicles.

With this in mind, fold down bollards are an effective specification as they offer the same functionality and safety as fixed bollards, but with the option to lower down to allow vehicle access to restricted areas.

Raised fold down bollards serve as a robust physical barrier, effectively controlling vehicle access. This is crucial in preventing unauthorised or accidental vehicle entry into pedestrian zones.

They also help to improve pedestrian safety by creating a safe boundary between vehicle and pedestrian areas, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. By delineating clear pedestrian zones, they provide a sense of security for people walking, shopping, or enjoying outdoor spaces.

For car parks or residential driveways, our Lockable Fold Down Post is a popular choice for architects and main contractors. It can be easily designed into outdoor spaces and installation is straightforward as they are surface mounted with the 60mm base plates and M12 anchor bolts (anchor bolts are not supplied).

Versatile specification options - Our range of fold down bollards offer an incredibly versatile option for your specification. They come as standard in a galvanised finish, and you have the option to specify in a powder coated finish.

You can select any RAL colour within a huge range meaning it can enhance your project surroundings.

Further customisations include the option to be supplied keyed alike or keyed different. Keyed alike means one key will operate a series of bollards, and keyed different means each bollard in a series will have its own individual key. You also have the option to specify with reflective banding around the top of the bollard.

Why buy your fold down bollards from Bailey Streetscene?

Our range of fold down bollards offer design flexibility, increased safety and security, enhanced durability and longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

Whatever type of project you are working on, here at Bailey Street Furniture we have the right fold down bollard for your project’s requirements.

Like all our products, our range of fold down bollards undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

We work with architects and contractors on a daily basis with fold down bollards, as well as other street furniture products, guiding on product selection and technical advice.

Our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring you get the right specification, at the right price, delivered on time.

If you would like more information on our range of fold down bollards, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at or view the individual products above.