Our range of bollards are created using a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, recyclable plastic and timber.

These provide simple, attractive, functional solutions to your street furniture problems, requirements and needs.

We carry a huge range of stock bollards that can be dispatched within days and produce bespoke designs and sizes, with fast turnaround times.

Bollards from Bailey Streetscene

Bollards are specified into outdoor public areas to provide a high level of security for pedestrians and buildings, as well as serving to serve aesthetic appeal with simple and stylish designs.  

Featuring a diverse selection of materials, styles, and fitting types with our extensive range of bollards, ensuring you can find the perfect solution for your project.

If you are working on project themes such as an urban landscape, retail outdoor space, university campus, or residential project, you will find the right bollard at Bailey Streetscene to add form and function to your specification.

High quality bollards for security and aesthetic appeal

Bailey Streetscene is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of high-quality bollards designed to enhance the security and aesthetic appeal of outdoor environments.

Our range of bollards is ideal for protecting pedestrians and properties, traffic management measures, and defining boundaries.

Style-wise, architects and planners choose to either specify bollards that blend seamlessly into a local environment, matching style and material selection. Alternatively, bollards are selected in a modern design to enhance local environments and nearby buildings.

Bollards to suit your project requirements

As an architect or planner looking to design a scheme of bollards into a project, or if you are a contractor or specialist sub-contractor looking to source and install bollards into an ongoing project, there are many factors to consider during specification.

Material selection

Popular choices include stainless steel, steel, concrete, cast iron, timber, and plastic. Each material has their own benefits and suitability for various applications.

Generally, stainless steel and steel are popular choices among architects and contractors. So whether you are looking to design bollard schemes or if you are involved in product selection and installation, stainless steel and steel are materials that enhance a project both aesthetically and functionally.

Steel and stainless steel are also incredibly durable and strong, so your client can be assured of a bollard that stands the test of time and is fit for the purpose intended – providing high levels of safety to nearby pedestrians or buildings.

The materials have a high resistance to rust and corrosion (steel bollards will require powder coating to provide additional resistance – you can specify in popular RAL colours as well as non-standard colours).

Timber is another popular material to specify bollards. They are popular with architects looking to design bollards into rural outdoor environments where the timber colours and grains combine to create a natural appearance. Also, the versatility and sustainability of timber means it can be used in modern developments to contrast with concrete and glass, as well as being an eco-friendly product choice.

One of their main appeals is their aesthetics, where the timber colours and grains combine to create a natural and organic appearance. This makes them suitable for more rural projects e.g. parks, but due to the versatility of timber, they can be used in modern urban developments to add contrast to glass and concrete buildings that can be recycled or will naturally decompose at the end of their useful lifecycle.

Aesthetic appeal

Another important consideration for your project requirements and client brief.

Bailey Streetscene offer bollards in a range of designs, including illuminated, fold down, telescopic, and removable. Consider the specific needs of your project, such as does your client need regular access or the frequency of use, to determine which design is most appropriate.

We also offer a range of customisation options, including size, colour, materials, and finishes, to ensure our bollards suit your specific needs.

Why buy your bollards from Bailey Streetscene?

Our bollards are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring they are durable, weather-resistant, and low maintenance, while also providing a visually appealing solution for your client brief.

Bailey Streetscene is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support throughout the whole specification process. We are much than just product suppliers, as our team is passionate in making sure you get the right product solution for your project.

We have a large range of bollards to choose from (see product selections above), and can help you with your product selection to save you time meaning you can move your attention to other aspects of a project or even another project altogether.

If you are working on a project with a bollard requirement, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at, or feel free to browse our product categories above or use the contact form below.