Timber Planters

Designs that grow on you

Timber planters are a great option for creating a softer look to the landscape. Increased green areas make a community more attractive & add a vibrant touch to an otherwise dull or unsightly area.

Bailey Streetscene timber planters are available in a range of sizes to suit any project and are extremely versatile: you can plant evergreen shrubs to provide colour all year round in any urban surroundings or even plant seasonal plants which ring the changes with each season.

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Timber planters, with their natural aesthetics and sustainable attributes, are a popular choice among architects, main contractors, sub-contractors, and local authorities.

The versatility of timber means designers have an adaptable material to work with and specify into project plans. Sub-contractors have a hard-wearing and robust material to work with and install, as well as being excellent value for money during procurement. And finally, end users have a planter that will last for many years to come and will withstand weather elements and other external factors.

Timber planters have a great appeal for urban projects such as town centres or university campuses, where the planters help to bring greenery and foliage to areas often dominated by concrete, steel, and glass.

Here at Bailey Streetscene, we understand various street furniture products are considered towards the end of the specification process. This is common for how planters are selected for an area.

However, we work with architects and contractors to ensure planters are given much more consideration in early design plans, helping them to make maximum visual and performance impact for a project.

But with a wide variety of shapes and styles with timber planters, how do you choose and install the right product for your project?

The aesthetic appeal of timber planters

Timber planters offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for architects, main contractors, and urban designers.

An important consideration is the aesthetics timber brings to a project. Timber planters have a natural and rustic look that adds warmth and depth to any environment.

They bring great visual impact for urban areas as the timber and plants themselves offer a contrast from surrounding buildings which will more often be constructed of concrete, steel, or glass.

For more rural areas, they complement the surrounding areas by adding more timber and plants. Often they are used by parks or Trust organisations to help direct the flow of footfall traffic.

Another aesthetic benefit of timber planters is how the timber can be combined with other materials seamlessly. For example, the Forma Planter combines timber cladding with galvanised mild steel to create a stylish, modern planter that will enhance any outdoor space, particularly urban environments.

The Forma Planter comes as standard in a softwood variety, either Douglas Fir or European Redwood, however, you do have the option to specify in a hardwood option, which includes options such as Thermo Pine, Sapele, European Oak, Iroko, and Cumaru.

Softwoods tend to be lighter in colour with loose grains within the wood patterns, whereas hardwoods are a darker colour with more condensed grain patterns. All of our timber planters are supplied untreated or coated in a light Danish Oil or Sadolin Burma Teak.

Functional benefits of timber planters

Timber is a durable material that can withstand the elements and last for many years. With proper maintenance and care, timber planters can resist rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring their longevity and value for money. This ensures the end user will benefit from planters that will last for many years to come.

Our timber planters are available in softwood or hardwood options. Softwoods are a good material for planters as they are versatile and easy to work with, as well as being strong and durable. Hardwoods however tend to be more resilient than softwoods as they grow at a much slower rate therefore the wood is usually denser.

Another reason why timber planters are a favourite among specifiers is their versatility. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect design that suits your project needs and preferences.

Whether you prefer a traditional rectangular planter or a more unique and creative design, timber can be easily customised to fit your desired look.

We offer the Springwell Planter, which is a simple yet stylish planter that greatly enhances any outdoor space. The horizontal beams create a uniform and smart appearance for town centres, retail developments, university campuses and other urban areas.

The Ealing Planter is a more contemporary design, offering stunning aesthetics with a high level of durability. The neat vertical timber beams form an outer shell around an inner steel shell, ensuring an extremely durable and long-lasting planter, even in areas with high footfall activity.

Sustainable benefits of timber planters

Timber planters are a sustainable option for your specification as timber is a renewable resource, making it an environmentally friendly choice for planters.

By using timber planters, you are supporting sustainable forestry practices and reducing your carbon footprint. This is an important consideration with the UK Government’s Net Zero pledge for 2050.

Specification benefits of timber planters

Timber planters are a firm favourite among architects, main contractors and sub-contractors.

They can be made bespoke to fit your specific project requirements. On all our timber planters, you can specify different wood types, stains or even colour (depending on the product options, talk to our team if you want more information).

What do our timber planters offer your specification?

Architects: Timber planters offer architects a flexible design element that can be integrated into various landscapes, whether an urban environment or a more rural setting.

Main contractors and sub-contractors: Easy to install and maintain, timber planters are a practical choice for construction projects.

End users: For end users (e.g. local authorities, universities, retail developments), timber planters provide an opportunity to enhance local spaces with sustainable solutions.

Why buy timber planters from Bailey Streetscene?

Bailey Streetscene isn’t just a traditional supplier where you simply order from us, and we ship the product to site.

We are here to make sure you get exactly the right product for your project requirements. This means you can order from us with confidence, our team can help with product selection or technical advice.

Our team at Bailey Streetscene are problem solvers and passionate in making sure you get an exceptional service.

If you are working on a project with a timber planter requirement, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at enquiries@baileystreetscene.co.uk, or feel free to browse our product categories above or use the contact form below.