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Ealing Planter FAQS

The Ealing Planter is a robust and aesthetically pleasing planter designed for urban environments. Made from high-quality timber cladding and a steel inner structure, it offers a blend of functionality and contemporary styling, suitable for various outdoor environments.

It is a firm favourite among architects, contractors, and sub-contractors due to its sleek and stylish aesthetics.
The Ealing Planter is constructed of a timber outer shell as well as a structural steel inner shell.

You can specify the timber in a range of softwood and hardwood options. It comes as standard in a softwood, but you can upgrade as a hardwood option.
Softwoods tend to be lighter in colour with loose grains within the wood patterns, whereas hardwoods are a darker colour with more condense grain patterns.

Softwoods are a good material for planters as they are versatile and easy to work with, as well as being strong and durable. Hardwoods however tend to be more resilient than softwoods as they grow at a much slower rate therefore the wood is usually denser.
Yes, you have the option to specify the Ealing Planter in various finishes and timber options.

You are also able to customise other features such as the fixing method (either surface mounted or root fixed), drainage holes, and removeable liners.
The Ealing Planter is available to install either as a surface mounted or root fixed option. Both contributing to the security of the planter installation.
Yes, the Ealing Planter features contemporary styling with the durability to match. The timber shell and inner steel structure combine to create a long lasting planter, even in urban areas with large number of nearby pedestrians.
The lead time for the Ealing Planter may vary depending on quantity and the level of customisation. Contact our team to find out a more specific time frame for deliver.