Street Furniture

Street Furniture has a huge impact on the way people use public and outdoor spaces such as parks, town squares, public gardens, office blocks, and even car parks.

So, let Bailey Streetscene turn your outdoor space into a stunning, fit-for-purpose outdoor space.

Our premium range of award winning, design-led, co-ordinated street furniture has gained a reputation for quality and excellence in towns and cities across the UK and Europe. We bring vibrant and exhilarating solutions to meet the needs and demands of modern street and outdoor space design.

We understand that public spaces really are special. Why? Because they give out a lasting first impression of an area or of an organisation/company, and also because outdoor spaces can be very personal to people, companies, organisations and those that use and frequent them.

Attractive and functional street furniture helps to turn an outdoor area into a welcoming communal space that really can promote a friendly environment and a thriving community. And not only do our products add aesthetic value to an outdoor area - they are extremely functional, plus they have a huge impact on the way people use and view that public space.

For example, why not choose one of our cycle shelters to integrate into the design of a public space to encourage people to walk or cycle, which is great for the environment and also helps to reduce congestion? Perhaps install steel or stainless steel bollards along your pavements to help make pedestrians feel more secure? Maybe purchase smoking shelters to keep people dry outside of public buildings, or provide litter bins that complement the design and landscape of a public park?

Whatever your needs and requirements - we have exactly the right street furniture products at the right price.

Let Bailey Streetscene help to create the outdoor environment that you want, need, and deserve. From design, through to manufacturing, and to installation - we are with you every step of the way.

Browse our range of street furniture online or phone us on 01625 855 900 to discuss your requirements with one of our street design experts.