Humanities Building Courtyard

Humanities Building Courtyard

Customer: J Greenwood (Builders) Ltd Location: Manchester

Project Name: Humanities Building Courtyard, University of Manchester
Location: Manchester
Landscape Architects: Plincke Landscape Architects
Client: J Greenwood (Builders) Ltd
Products Used: Bespoke Curved Deansgate tables and benches, Bespoke Curved Greengate Seating

Bailey Streetscene supplies bespoke curved seating, bar stools and high tables to the Humanities Building courtyard, at the University of Manchester.

The Humanities Building is a significant architectural structure that was designed by N.L. Hanson and R.H. Kantarowich in 1970. Designed in the brutalist style, with raw concrete construction and geometric forms emphasising the practicality and efficiency of the space.

With a view to honour the history of the building, The University of Manchester recognised the need to revitalise the central courtyard to meet the evolving demands of the student community. Bailey Streetscene have a longstanding partnership with the University of Manchester, having worked together on several successful projects in the past including Brunswick Park and the Henry Royce Building - Therefore their understanding of the vision and requirements for the courtyard was a benefit for the client J Greenwood (Builders) Ltd and Plincke Landscape Architects.

Bailey Streetscene were tasked with providing bespoke outdoor furniture to the newly designed courtyard space which features a central water feature and curved planting beds and paved areas. 

Bailey Streetscene’s design team adapted the Greengate and Deansgate product ranges to create curved seating and table units that would run alongside the new landscaping.  The tailored design ensured that the furniture seamlessly integrated with the surroundings and enhanced the overall aesthetics of the space. The seating and high tables feature a coordinated powdered coated finish and Sapele Hardwood slats.
The durable materials and robust construction methods guarantees longevity and minimise the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. 

The revitalised space now serves as a welcoming and functional outdoor environment, fostering collaboration and social interaction among students and faculty members. The successful completion of this project showcases Bailey Streetscene's expertise in delivering bespoke outdoor furniture solutions tailored to the unique requirements of educational institutions. 

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