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An integral and popular part of our four-piece stylish-yet-practical Stoke range, this seat is a great example of this range. With a stylish and modern design, and ideal for a wide variety of public spaces, this bench is perfect for those seeking flexible and contemporary outdoor seating.

The Stoke Seat’s frame can be galvanised mild steel or stainless steel, and the base consists of hardwood or softwood timber treated slats. Surface mounted or root fixed, this is also available with arm rests.

It is part of the Stoke collection which features a planter, litter bin, bench and shelter, meaning you can create a uniformed look for your outdoor project.

Advantages of the Stoke Seat for your project

The two prominent materials in the Stoke seat are steel and timber, which combine outstanding aesthetic and structural qualities. This means they will not only enhance their local area but also stand the test of time with regular use.

The steel frame offers strength and reliability. It is a robust and ductile material that is able to withstand strong and constant load bearings. Also, because of the prefabricated nature of steel, it is more reliable and consistent than materials such as concrete. This gives architects and landscape designers confidence that the Stoke seat will be fit for the purpose intended in terms of providing a reliable seating option, and will also stand the test of time.

The steel frame also means it is lightweight, meaning it is easier to transport, install and move around site for contractors. Steel is intrinsically lighter than an equivalent concrete structure due to the increased strength and stiffness of steel.

The base of the Stoke Seat is crafted from timber, which is a very durable material and is able to withstand the elements well. Many people believe that wood needs to be coated, painted, or oiled for endurance and the ability to last. But this isn’t the case for all timbers.

Softwood, which is the standard option for the Stoke Seat, is a versatile and strong wood to use, that is also flexible and lightweight.

Our softwood grain includes Douglas Fir. For more information, visit our materiality page.

Hardwood, which are the premium options for the Stoke Seat, is usually a denser wood that is sourced from deciduous trees that take longer to grow. As a result it is offers a wood that is strong and durable, and possesses striking woodgrain patterns.

Our hardwood grains include Iroko, Sapele, and Cumaru. For the full range, visit our materiality page.

Specifying the Stoke Seat

The Stoke Seat offers your outdoor seating project a sense of style. Timber seamlessly combines with other materials e.g. aluminium and steel, more so than materials such as plastic or concrete.

The blend of natural wood grains and textures complements steel structures, whether they are powder coated or not.

By specifying the Stoke Seat, you are not only creating a space that will look amazing and stand the test of time. But you are helping to create an outdoor space that people want to use and feel a responsibility to keep the area clean.

We were pleased to supply the Stoke Seat to the North Staffordshire Hospital, where we worked closely with Laing O’Rourke. It was part of a larger specification of street furniture, where it helped to enhance the communal areas of the hospital grounds giving patients and visitors comfortable outdoor waiting facilities.

Read the full case study here.

More information

For more information on the Stoke Seat, contact our team.