Restoration of Whisstocks Place Boatyard with Diamante Benches

Restoration of Whisstocks Place Boatyard with Diamante Benches

Whisstocks Place is a restored boatyard on the River Deben in Woodbridge. The Bailey Street Furniture Group were asked to provide Diamante Curved HPC Benches with curved timber seat and backrest toppers. The mixed-use space has beautiful views and is now a functional part of the community.

The name 'Whisstocks' is synonymous with Woodbridge, as from 1926 until 1991, the Whisstocks Boatyard operated on the site. Purchased by Claude Whisstock, the boatyard remained in family hands until 1984 before closing in 1991. 

After falling into disrepair the once derelict boatyard has now been transformed, with the development of 15 apartments, 3 shops, a Chandlery restaurant building, new Heritage Building, Community Boat Shed and public open space, giving the site a modern makeover. 

Woodbridge Town Council own the Heritage Building and Community Boat Shed, and lease them to the Woodbridge Museum Trust and Woodbridge Riverside Trust, to allow the residents and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Tide Mill and River Deben. The public open space, known as Whisstocks Place, is also owned and managed by the Town Council. Find out more about Whisstocks Place on the Woodbridge Town Council Website.

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