Jaguar Land Rover a vote of confidence in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover a vote of confidence in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover’s Advanced Product Creation Centre opened its doors earlier this month.
The enormous site at Gaydon, Warwick, the equivalent of 480 football pitches is part of a £500m strategic investment over several years and will be home to over 13,000 engineers.
A huge boost and vote of confidence in the British manufacturing industry in these turbulent times.

Future models, specifically electric vehicles and those with self-drive features are to be developed at the site which includes a new flagship zero emissions all electric XJ Limousine, favoured by Prime Ministers and Industry Leaders.

JLR look to initiate a “Destination Zero” policy at the Gaydon Triangle, to ultimately deliver zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion by 2020.
Up to 20 percent of the facility's energy will be delivered by 3,000m² of photovoltaic solar panels and the rest will be from 100% renewable sources.

In the Heart of the site is an ecologically diverse natural landscape that was created by reusing 80,000m³ of natural soil that was excavated during the Construction process.

The same glazing technology at the Eden Project has been used for the facades of the building to absorb and make use of as much natural light to save energy.

Bailey Streetscene designed, engineered, installed our largest canopy to date, as well as supplying a vast number of our Linares Picnic Sets to the exterior of this plant.
We are very honoured to be involved in such a huge part of Jaguar Land Rovers legacy and the UK Car Industry too.

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