Bailey Streetscene Celebrates 15 years of Street Furniture

Bailey Streetscene Celebrates 15 years of Street Furniture

At Bailey Streetscene, we are celebrating 15 years of trading in construction manufacturing.

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to all of our clients, past and present, for being there throughout the years and helping us gain knowledge and experience. It has been a tremendous journey, with a fantastic group of people in an ever changing and challenging market..

Starting as a simple bollard manufacturer and relying solely on Ian Bailey’s experience within the Street Furniture industry in 2004, Bailey Streetscene was a small but tenacious team. In the formative years, we strived to develop and expand the offer & the team. This has increased each and every year and has resulted in the tight-knit and family orientated business unit it has become today.

Improvements are wide and varied, including significant investments in technology advancements, be it manufacturing machinery, latest IT upgrades, safe levels of working for all of our staff, installation efficiencies on our sites and staff development..

2018 recognised our position as a main supplier to the Canopy & Shelter sector, with the successful completion of our largest UK based order, with the recognisable Jaguar Land Rover brand and the design, manufacture and installation of a complex, cantilevered 160 metre canopy for their Research & Development facility in Gaydon.

To recognise our 15 year milestone, we have adapted our distinctive logo, created a small anniversary stationery pack for clients to utilise, which our sales teams will distribute over the coming weeks and naturally, we are celebrating with our entire team in the coming weeks, as without them, this and the next milestone wouldn't be achievable.