Chester Camhs

Chester Camhs

Customer: Eric Wright Location: Chester

Ancora House is a child and adolescent mental health (Camhs) inpatient unit based in Chester. The centre provides inpatient and day patient care for children and young people with complex mental health conditions.

Bailey Streetscene were approached by Eric Wright to supply a range of specialist external furniture that would help patients to enjoy the external areas of the unit. Ensuring the safety of the children and young people was paramount throughout the project and this influenced the decision making process.

Many of the products that were chosen had to incorporate non-standard design aspects that complied with the needs of the health centre. External furniture for the project included; Springwell Planter, Springwell Planter Bench, Springwell Picnic Table, Springwell Bench, Stoke Shelter.

All the products had specialist vandal proof fixings, all edges were reduced inspected and protected and all metal work was hand finished so no danger points were exposed this meant that the design criteria was met in line with the clients specification.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Value engineering proposals
  • Bespoke design ,product modification
  • Drawing submission
  • Liaison with main contractor, sub contractor & architect
  • Foundation and general arrangement base layout details (CAD to be incorporated in to site plans)
  • Final budget analysis
  • Site liaison


The resulting outdoor space created is now a safe environment for patients to relax and feel calm. The garden areas now have a natural look with the additional planters which reflects the excellent level of care that the unit offers.

“Ancora House is a credit to the commitment of everyone involved in the project, particularly the Trust for their courage in daring to be different and to the young people from the CAMHS service who have so enthusiastically helped and guided us to provide an excellent user-focused facility. The outcome will improve access, promote resilience and foster continuous improvement to deliver the best possible CAMHS services for the region.” - General Manager, Villicare LLP