Telescopic Traffic Stopper
Telescopic Traffic Stopper


Telescopic Traffic Stopper


Telescopic Traffic Stopper FAQS

The Telescopic Traffic Stopper serves as a robust barrier to manage and control vehicular access in both public and private spaces. It is designed to retract into the ground when access is permitted, and rise to block traffic when access is restricted.

It is a firm favourite among architects, contractors, and sub-contractors due to its durability and functionality.
The telescopic Traffic Stopper is manufactured from mild steel. It is available in a galvanised finish as standard, and you can opt for a powder coated finish as an additional extra.
You are able to specify the Telescopic Traffic Stopper in a huge range of RAL colours. Our most popular colours include Jet Black, Graphite Grey, Ultramarine, and White.

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Yes, you have the option to specify the Telescopic Traffic Stopper in various options:

You can choose to have a standard galvanised finish, as well as premium powder coated finish.

You also have the option to customise it further, with additional grooves, reflective banding, and keyed alike option.
The Telescopic Traffic Stopper is available to install as root fixed option. Therefore you will need to dig a hole for installation, big enough to house the bollard unit as it retracts into the ground.
With the Telescopic Traffic Stopper, you have the option to specify with keyed or keyed alike configuration.

‘Keyed’ means each bollard has its own key to operate it. ‘Keyed alike’ means one key can open a series of bollards.
The Telescopic Traffic Stopper requires minimal maintenance once it has been installed. It has been designed and manufactured using the highest grade materials to ensure longevity.

However, to ensure its pristine appearance and optimal functionality, occasional cleaning and periodic inspections are recommended.