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Smoking Sheters from Bailey Streetscene

Bailey Streetscene sell a range of smoking shelters which offer smokers protection from the wind and rain whilst at the same time complimenting the landscape surrounding any building.. Featuring powder coated, galvanized steel and aluminium frames, these shelters will withstand adverse weather conditions as well as general wear and tear.

All of Bailey Streetscene's hardwearing smoking shelters meet UK government requirement of having less than 50% of their perimeters made up of walls or fence structures.

We currently offer a choice of three smoking shelters which can all be modified to include optional seating, ashtrays and cigarette bins:

  • The Ash smoking shelter features the largest canopy at 5 metres on its longest side and boasts 10mm fire and impact resistant translucent cellular polycarbonate with UV protection cladding on the roof and sides.
  • The Dudley smoking shelter aids airflow with perforated steel roof ends, its cladding is 5mm PETG clear view and it is 2.5 metres long as standard.
  • The Classic smoking shelter is 2.5 metres long and has a canopy of 6mm translucent cellular impact and fire resistant polycarbonate with UV protection. The side and back cladding are made from shatter-resistant toughened 8mm safety glass fixed in cast aluminium clamps for easy replacement of the glass panels in the event of vandalism.

In order to minimise litter from smoking, we recommend fitting ashtrays and cigarette litter bins to all smoking shelters.

It is an offence to throw cigarette butts onto public land and severe penalties exist for those that do; but it's not just the penalties that should encourage you to fit litter bins and ashtrays. It is a matter of common courtesy that you keep your smoking area in a presentable state, a commitment that will not only improve the environment for smokers; it will ensure that you avoid public complaints.

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Bailey Streetscene smoking shelters are ideal for organisations of all sizes from offices to pubs and restaurants. We have a range of smoking shelters to suit all budgets and we can deliver in 2 weeks on selected lines. Bailey Streetscene specialist engineers will carry out installations as quickly as possible and all our products adhere to the relevant health and safety regulations.

Browse the online catalogue, fill in our contact form or phone 01625 855900 for a quote.