Timber Bollards

our Timber Bollards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes – depending on their outdoor environment uses and applications.

They can be used for demarcation purposes, separating areas, pedestrians or traffic control or for protecting vulnerable areas or buildings. 

We offer our timber bollards in a range of sizes and materials including; Douglas Fir, Iroko, Cumuru & Sapele. Top finishing options include domed, flat, mitred or 4-way weathered. Reflective strips can also be fitted for increased visibility of the bollards, making them suitable for rural environments, such as cycle paths and walkways. We can also put recessed grooves into all our timber bollards.



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Timber bollards are increasingly being specified into urban and rural projects by architects and main contractors.

In urban areas, the timber brings a natural and earthy aesthetic and a stark contrast against typical structures made from concrete, metal, or glass. In rural areas, timber bollards seek to blend seamlessly into a natural environment bringing style and functionality.

Whether you are working on an urban landscape, university campus, commercial or retail outdoor space, or a car park for a multi-occupancy residential block, you will find the right timber bollard here at Bailey Street Scene to add form and function to your specifications.

Benefits of timber bollards

Aesthetically pleasing - Timber’s natural appeal means it is a favourite among architects and main contractors in construction, including for bollards.

With its organic grain patterns and rich tones, timber introduces warmth and natural touch to urban spaces, contrasting beautifully with the often cold and hard surfaces of urban landscapes.

It is also a versatile material. You can opt to specify untreated hardwood for a rugged visual or for a more refined finish of varnished softwood.

Here at Bailey Streetscene, our range of timber bollards is available in a range of softwood and hardwood options. They come in softwood as standard, notably European Redwood. This features a relatively straight grain, medium-to-coarse texture.

You can opt for hardwood selections, notably Thermo Pine, Sapele, and European Oak. These tend to be more varying grain patterns, even interlocked in some instances.

Design flexibility - Our range of timber bollards is available in a range of heights and finishes, as well as other customised options including grooves, fitting type and the option for a bespoke top.

This gives you almost limitless design options for you to work with for your project design.

Our timber bollards also integrate seamlessly with our other timber street furniture products, including the Springwell Planter and Springwell Picnic Set.

Excellent durability - In the unpredictable urban environment, it is important for street furniture to withstand everything from changing weather to vehicular impacts.

Our timber bollards are an excellent choice for your specification as you benefit from the visual appeal of timber, while the inner structure of the bollards is manufactured from galvanised steel.

The steel is hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461:2009 as standard giving you confidence that it carries integral strength throughout the structure, while it will stand the test of time.

Timber is a very durable material and can withstand the elements well. Many people believe that wood needs to be coated, painted, or oiled for endurance and the ability to last. But this isn’t the case for all timbers.

Hardwood timbers offer longevity, easy maintenance, and high strength as a natural material.

Hardwood timber trees include oak, beech, and ash. These trees take much longer to grow and their dense cellular structure gives the timber incredible strength. This means street furniture products such as bollards will stand the test of time.

Safe and secure - Bollards primarily serve as safety barriers, directing traffic flow, safeguarding nearby pedestrians, and protecting commercial premises.

Our range of timber bollards not only fulfil this function but do so with elegance. This gives architects confidence they can design them easily into a project’s vision, and main contractors will benefit from having a bollard that is fit for the purpose intended while adding value aesthetically for their client.

Green credentials - Timber is often considered to be the most sustainable building material within the construction industry. With a low embodied carbon footprint, it can be used to maximise your project’s green credentials.

Timber is a renewable resource, and here at Bailey Streetscene we source our timber from renewable sources, supporting healthy forest ecosystems for the future.

Another sustainable benefit relates to carbon sequestration. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during their growth phase. This carbon remains trapped in the wood even after it is harvested, allowing timber bollards to serve as carbon storage units.

It is recyclable at the end of its useful lifecycle and has a minimal carbon footprint aligning with green building principles, and the UK’s pledge to be Carbon Net Zero by 2050.

Finally, in terms of a product’s lifecycle, the production and processing of timber requires less energy compared with other building materials e.g. concrete, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and benefitting the Circular Economy.

View our Materiality page for more information.

Easy to work with - Due to their lightweight nature and compact design, our timber bollards are easier to transport and install, reducing logistical challenges and labour costs while on site.

This means timber bollards are a popular option for main contractors, looking for a stylish, robust bollard, that is easy to transport to site and install.

Timber bollards project

Bailey Streetscene was pleased to supply a range of timber bollards to Canon Green Court, a newly transformed 1960s-era residential building in the city of Salford.

The exterior of the grounds was re-landscaped, and part of this featured our hardwood timber bollards which were placed around the site to delineate pedestrian walkways and parking spaces.

The team here at Bailey Streetscene worked with our client, Willmott Dixon, to specify the range of timber bollards, along with a wider selection of street furniture products.

Read the full case study here

Why buy your timber bollards from Bailey Streetscene?

Whatever type of project you are working on, here at Bailey Street Furniture we have the right timber bollard for your project’s requirements.


We work with architects and contractors on a daily basis with timber bollards, as well as other street furniture products, guiding on product selection and technical advice.


Like all our products, our range of timber bollards undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

Our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring you get the right specification, at the right price, and delivered on time.

If you would like more information on our range of timber bollards, feel free to contact our team on telephone 01625 855900, email at enquiries@baileystreetscene.co.uk or view the individual products above.