Concrete Possibilities

Bespoke Concrete Services

When it comes to concrete street furniture products at Bailey Streetscene, the possibilities really are endless. If you’re looking for something unique in concrete, we have the expertise to create a stand out product to meet your needs.

We can create bespoke concrete designs to any shape, size or style, including etching of any unique designs.

In addition, we can offer Concrete in any colour you could imagine and have a vast range of finishes to choose from.

Concrete Bench

Bespoke Design

As well as a vast range of standard concrete products to choose form, we also offer a bespoke design service meaning that whatever your needs, the answer is - yes.

Using the latest CAD technology our expert design team are able to create completely bespoke concrete products to your exact specifications.

Concrete Benches

Some Examples Of Our Work

Here are just a few examples of concrete products that we have supplied for past projects including bespoke designs, custom colours and additional lighting features.

Specialist Casting Specialist Casting Specialist Casting

Specialist Casting

If your project is completely unique and requires additional branding or motif designs applying to concrete products, our expert team can achieve this through specialist casting.

We are able to add various designs to the surface of our concrete products to create a lasting impression.

Specialist Casting Specialist Casting

Concrete Colours

Here at Bailey Streetscene we provide a wide range of colours and finishes for all of our concrete products on our website. It could range from a product that we offer as standard or an item which is unique to your project. More common popular choices from our palette include various shades of grey, buff, white, black and red but we can mix any colour to match the needs of any project.

Concrete Samples

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Concrete Finishes

Alongside our wide range of concrete colours, we also offer various finishes to complete the look and feel of your concrete products.

Different finishes can create a unique for whatever style you are looking to create.

Whether it’s a more natural look or highly polished and smooth effect, our expert finishing techniques ensure an exceptional quality in the final product.

Specialist Casting

Dressed Finish - As standard we offer all of our concrete products in a dressed finish. This is a smooth effect achieved by hand rubbing the concrete surface.

Satin Shine Finish - This finish creates a fine sheen on the surface and enhances the the colour of the concrete.

Deluxe Polish Finish - This finish to the top surface of the product produces a very smooth effect whilst exposing the concrete aggregate for a stunning visual effect.

Acid Etched Finish - Using varying concentrations of acid solution, we can apply different levels texture to the surface of concrete products. This can create a finish similar to sandstone or limestone.

Exposed Aggregate Finish - A highly visual and textured finish achieved through various techniques which can be useful for anti-slip products.