Bailey Streetscene Bespoke services

If you are creating a new public space we can help you achieve your vision.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create any bespoke street furniture to your exact specifications - it’s a service that is definatley anything but ordinary.

We can design completely new products. We can modify existing products. Even if part of the brief is undefined we can complete your picture perfectly.

CAD Designs


Innovative from start to finish

We recognise that in some instances you require more than an “off the shelf” solution and as such we offer a range of bespoke services from consultation and design through to manufacture and installation.

In fact around 50% of our business is made up of bespoke solutions.

All this ensures we retain complete control and our products are made to the highest possible standards.

Our versatile solutions are flexible and are designed to suit your requirements. It also ensures you receive the fastest possible turnaround from specification through to delivery.

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BIM Drawings