Bailey Streetscene collaboration wins top landscape design award

Bailey Streetscene collaboration wins top landscape design award

At the recent Landscape Awards 2016, a landscaping project in which Bailey Streetscene played an integral part won the award for ‘Design of a Large Scale Development’

The LI awards are a way for the landscaping community to celebrate the best work and the best landscape professionals. The Landscape Institute presents awards for 16 categories with the intention of encouraging innovative thinking and a commitment to the future.

The award in question was won by ColourUDL (Colour: Urban Design Limited) for their work on the redevelopment of the North Staffordshire Hospital. Bailey Streetscene worked in collaboration to help create a stunning and visually indulgent outdoor area for patients and visitors to spend time.

The Judges presiding over the awards had this to say regarding the project...

“We were very impressed by this scheme. It will clearly deliver many public benefits to the local population and has great potential to act as an exemplar to other healthcare schemes. The way the design responds to different groups of patients, their carers and staff is admirable.”

Colour developed Dr Roger Ulrich’s globally replicated evidence that patients with green views recover faster than those without, require less strong drugs, less frequently and perceptions of treatment improve. Stress could also be reduced through interaction with nature, and staff retention improved.

The products supplied by Bailey Streetscene were therefore designed with this in mind, including large bespoke wooden planters to house a variety of flora and large relaxing benches to match, allowing patients, visitors and staff alike to relax and enjoy the peaceful view.

The space is also overlooked by patients on the wards above and can be accessed by people on dialysis and in oncology. It provides a break from the clinical indoors of a hospital and brings people closer to nature.

You can read the case study here.

Well done to ColourUDL and to all who won an award this year.
Let's keep pushing our industry on with further innovation in the years ahead!

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